Defence Industry

Proven Expertise

We offer a range of tailored strategic advisory, integration services and technology solutions to deliver end-to-end capabilities.


Our services include strategic advice, better practice methodologies, technologies and managed services to support:

  • National oversight, command, control and coordination
  • Policy, governance and capability development
  • Strategic options and futures assessments complete with detailed business cases
  • Incident response, law enforcement, investigations and forensics
  • International engagement
  • Inter and intra-agency collaboration
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Shaping the National Security Environment

Our deep national security expertise and experience underpin our service and technology solutions. We build and preserve value for our clients through full accountability of services we provide and a guarantee of delivering value-for-money and quality outcomes.


We have worked with national security organisations on highly sensitive issues for 20+ years and our service delivery standards exceeded expectations. Our specialists have recognised regional, national and international experience.


We provide a commitment to our clients to be fully consultative and cooperative in all aspects of our work and transfer knowledge and skills to your teams.


Secure service arrangements, fixed and mobile systems, secure bridges and real-time monitoring


Combined technologies to integrate document management and records management systems


Standardise outcomes from a range of information management enterprises in different environments


Trusted advisors to ensure your programs and projects are delivered fit-for-purpose and aligned with business strategies

Case Study - Innovative Solutions

Australian Prime Minister John Howard announced in 2001 that Australia would have armed air marshals flying on Australian carriers in an anti-hijacking role and that they would be operational three months later.


At this time, Australia had no such capability and there was no directly relevant expertise in Australia to meet this directive. Members of Citadel’s advisory team were contracted to establish the capability for Government.


This included strategic issues and operational delivery of the program. We had less than six weeks to have the capability deployed. We resolved a number of challenges and the first officers deployed on selected domestic flights within six weeks.

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Case Study - Innovative Solutions

Citadel established multiple concurrent work teams and empowered them to develop innovative solutions for subsequent consideration and approval.


Following a very busy six weeks, on 24 December 2001, we received final Government authorisation to proceed and ASOs flew for the first time on board Australian aircraft at 4.30pm.


In 2004, Qantas senior managers went before a Parliamentary Committee and stated on the record that “the Australian ASO program is without doubt the world’s best practice”.