Health Industry


The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid change, dynamic discoveries and cost pressures, all of which are driving decisions and structures. Business models are being forced to evolve as healthcare continues to shift from a treatment focus to points of wellness, prediction, personalisation, and prevention. Additionally, mobility in healthcare and the exchange of health information has disrupted the status quo and dramatically altered how providers and patients interact, how medicine is practiced, and how care is delivered.

Citadel is a long-term, trusted health sector ICT provider and we provide a range of solutions that enable you to optimise, integrate and innovate across your health operations.


Our best practice approach to enterprise ‘connected health’ helps you make informed decisions on how best to work within this complex and converging environment. Specifically, our approach means that solutions:

  • Are patient/user-centric, driven by benefits, and are fit-for-purpose and
    provide a trusted single source of enterprise-wide data
  • Link analysers, applications and systems to enable better informed decision-making
  • Enable standard business processes that support trusted interoperability and use
  • Deliver common and standardised applications and ICT infrastructure that leverage historical investments where appropriate
  • Support innovation and the introduction of new technologies and ideas in an agile manner to provide value quickly
  • Enable measurable performance such that ICT is seen as an enabler not a cost centre.
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eOrdering and ePrescriptions, billing Systems, blood product management, digital pathology, analytics and reporting, digital signage/ wayfinding, training and simulations


Out-of-hospital and patient-centred management, eHealth Record and information portals, medication management and wellness programs


Telemedicine, Tele-imaging, remote diagnostics and consultations


Laboratory information systems, image & vendor neutral archiving, health information exchanges, hosted cloud solutions



As a result of organisational mergers, our client was faced with operating and maintaining 10 different Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) across its 20+ laboratory sites. Our client was keen to optimise service delivery and generate efficiencies across the business by selecting and implementing a single/common LIS with flexible workflow configurations.

Our solution now supports more than 25,000 daily transactions by over 50,000 clinicians and we hold over 27 years of data. This solution is the largest Australian-based LIS in existence servicing over 34 laboratories, 3,500 laboratory staff, 650 specialist analysers and 2,000 printers on a 24/7 basis.

The solution we provided included and integrated a range of content and workflow requirements including:

  • Pre Analytical Processing
  • Order Placement and Management
  • Specimen Collection
  • Positive Patient Identification
  • Specimen Handling
  • Image Management
  • Point of Care Testing (POCT)
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Transfusion Medicine
  • Haematology
  • Molecular Diagnostics and Molecular Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Anatomical Pathology.


A central platform of the South Australian Government’s 2007 Ten Year Health Care Plan was to build Australia’s most advanced hospital. Under the umbrella of a Public Private Partnership agreement, this $1.8 billion project commenced construction in 2010 and Citadel was engaged as a technology partner to deliver a state of the art facility that would set a new benchmark for technology integration into a significant healthcare environment.

Citadel is one of the leading providers of unified communications to nRAH and as part of its $29 million contract, Citadel has designed and installed unified communications infrastructure across more than 300 spaces including:

  • 40 Technical Suites (operating theatres) incorporating fully integrated video conferencing, data recording and telemedicine systems
  • 60 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) rooms, 78 consulting rooms, and over 30 meeting rooms
  • High-end Teaching and Learning facilities including a Lecture Theatre, two seminar rooms, and four learning studios all supporting remote video conferencing, nurse training & recording sessions, and other online collaborative tools
  • Digital location and wayfinding kiosks, visual signage and public information displays throughout the hospital
  • 18 mobile video conferencing units enabling flexibility in patient treatments and room-usage.

Construction work has completed and a 30 year maintenance agreement is currently being negotiated in relation to ongoing managed services. nRAH is positioned to be a global leader in health delivery and showcases the very real benefits that contemporary digital technologies can provide towards the achievement of better health outcomes. Underpinning this is the communication and collaboration infrastructure designed, installed and commissioned by Citadel which includes:

  • Purpose-built facilities will support the delivery of high quality services to all patients, including ‘out-patients’ and ‘remote patients’
  • Leading-edge wayfinding solutions will ensure visitors have a better overall experience when visiting the hospital
  • The integrated and easy-to-use technologies deployed throughout the facility, coupled with its patient-centred model of care, will position nRAH as one of Australia’s leading operating and teaching hospitals.